Auditing contract performance 

Auditing contract performance


One of Eric’s major airline contracts showed numbers far below what he believed to be the case.

The onus now seemed to lie with him to prove to the carrier that his agency had achieved the required flown revenue targets and that the agency should be remunerated as per their agreed contract.


By using Airline Metrics’ solution, within a few minutes Eric identified the individual month that had the biggest difference between what he measured as ‘flown’ and what the airline had reported. He ran a report that listed all sales for that month of travel at coupon level – and sent it to the airline.


Once the airline had reviewed the transactional level details i.e. by ticket and coupon, they agreed to rerun their reports for the whole period. When the information came through, it was close to what Eric had expected it to be and the agency was duly compensated at the correct level.

Note: Airline Metrics uses the fill IATA data set that airlines get from BSP or ARC. It is not ‘touched’ or changed manually by any entity and it provides a very transparent set of dashboards, graphs and reports that can be easily exported and shared, in the way that this client used the data.