Flight Number Analytics – Taking action based on facts

Flight Number Analytics – Taking action based on facts


A major carrier increased capacity into the market with an additional three frequencies per week on a particular sector. Jack, who had a fairly successful retail agency, was looking at his Airline Metrics’ Flight Dashboards to ascertain how his business could benefit from this situation.


Based on this data, it appeared to him that the carrier was struggling to fill seats on the new flights and that it might be beneficial to both parties, if he could work with the carrier in helping address that issue.

He approached the carrier’s sales team and offered to push more traffic through the new flights if he had a incentive to do so – in terms of both access to tactical fares (that he would then monitor through Airline Metrics) and increased commissions.


The airline agreed to both ideas and as a result, by promoting and selling the new fares, Jack generated a significant increase in his margins.

Note: The Flight Dashboard is one of several dashboards available that provides deep insights into travel patterns, which can allow clients to ‘zero in’ on areas of opportunity – taking action based on facts.