One or two clicks to gain insights 

One or two clicks to gain insights


Simone is an airline CCO who found herself frustrated by the lack of timely reporting she needed in order to better understand the airline’s commercial position – in regard to their sales, pricing and marketing activities.

The Finance and IT teams were excellent, but Simone felt as a ‘legacy carrier’ they weren’t particularly well resourced or set up to provide the timely data required by Simone and their commercial division.

Whenever specific reports were required, they were produced manually, which was a time-consuming and difficult process for her analysts to pull information together.


Simone engaged Airline Metrics to provide a suite of dashboards, graphs and reports on the entire airline’s BSP sales performance. Updated weekly, the data would be timely and Simone and the other users could get what was needed in just one or two clicks.


Simone was also able to empower her GM’s, Sales Managers and Executives as each was able to login and view information related to their specific part of the business. This also enabled Simone to directly engage in specific discussions with them on various aspects of their local sales performance.