Saving on Resources

Saving on Resources


As Finance Manager, John found managing the month-end a difficult and time-consuming process. Not only did the financial accounts have to be finalised, he was also responsible for providing the sales team with information on all Agents sales performance.

In a recent cost saving exercise the team had not been able to replace an Analyst who had left the company and this had added more workload and pressure on his team as they needed to provide timely information to all stakeholders, locally and at head office. In addition, a lot of effort was required in cutting the basic data that was received from the airline’s legacy systems.


The introduction of Airline Metrics means that a lot of the workload and pressure has been eased. All the key stakeholders have access to all the ticketed and flown revenue and passenger dashboards, graph and reports. This includes the Commercial and Finance teams at Head Office, as the cloud-based tool is accessible 24/7 to all the licensed users.


There was no further need to replace the Analyst, as the existing team was now able to manage the workload, plus some contractors that he previously contracted during peak times were no longer required.  The focus was now firmly on the priorities that needed the bulk of his attention with the additional bonus of a saving on resource expenses.