Taking control of incentive tier achievements

Taking control of incentive tier achievements


Trevor, the owner of this mid-sized travel agency had no idea how his agency was performing against airline targets, as he was relying on the carriers who report their flown revenue several months after the close of a period.

The sales and ticketing teams used their mid and back office reports to crunch the data, but each time reported a different figure. This was not a good situation to be in as no one was aware if they would achieve the airlines ‘flown revenue’ targets. Missing their incentive targets on either of their main carriers would mean losing thousands of dollars in incentive commissions. It was a very frustrating time for Trevor and extremely stressful for his managers.


This year the situation was very different and so much easier. Why?

Because the agency now subscribes to the Airline Metrics Business Intelligence Solution which analyses all their BSP and ARC sales and shares all the dashboards, graphs and reports within just days after every settlement cycle.


Besides having timely data and reporting, Ian was also able to empower his individual regional, area and branch managers, as each was able to login and view information related to their part of the business. This enabled Ian to engage in very detailed and specific discussions with them on various aspects of their local sales performance.