One or two clicks to gain insights 

Simone is an airline CCO who found herself frustrated by the lack of timely reporting she needed in order to better understand the airline’s commercial position - in regard to their sales, pricing and marketing activities.

Reviewing Flight Number Analytics

Dean, an airline Pricing manager, needed to review the performance of some new flights his airline had introduced on some existing routes.

Decentralised Information

As GM for a large, multi-market country, James required input from his sales teams regarding how they could structure their Agent’s discussions so that they could focus on the destinations the individual agent sold over different months.

Saving on Resources

As Finance Manager, John found managing the month-end a difficult and time-consuming process. Not only did the financial accounts have to be finalised, he was also responsible for providing the sales team with information on all Agents sales performance.

Corporate Client Information

Steve is Corporate Sales Manager at a global airline and until recently dreaded the way he would have to trawl through thousands of rows of data to find information relating to his specific corporate clients.

Projecting Flown Revenue

One of the challenges that Liz, a GM of a major carrier faced, was the ability to forecast her flown revenue in order to manage her performance versus sales targets in a timely manner.