As such, Tanjiro, who’s constantly relaxed and you can respectful, will become crazy and attack anyone who harms Nezuko

Nezuko is the younger aunt from Tanjiro and his simply remaining family member live immediately following their family relations is actually killed as he are aside promoting charcoal. [1] He’s most defensive off the woman, even in the event the guy will not avoid the lady regarding permitting him while in the fights that he usually do not handle alone. [2] As the only surviving members of an awful members of the family, new siblings are extremely romantic, trusting and you will enjoying of just one some other. Tanjiro is probably alone with the capacity of definitely soothing Nezuko down from the calling this lady label otherwise singing to this lady its mom’s lullaby.

Even with Tanjiro try turned into a devil because of the Muzan and falls under their dictate, Nezuko nevertheless tips her brother and tries to keep him right back in spite of the chances of herself getting harmed by your. But not, Tanjiro doesn’t assault the lady even after tasting the woman blood. That is you’ll be able to because of Muzan only asking your so you’re able to ruin the latest Demon Slayer Corps.

Giyu Tomioka

Tanjiro very first match Giyu once he tries to eliminate Nezuko, who had merely become turned into a devil. [3] Once watching his devotion, Giyu teaches Tanjiro going find the cultivator Sakonji Urokodaki, best your on the roadway of becoming a devil Slayer. [4]

If you’re distrustful away from him initially, Tanjiro comes to extremely esteem Giyu later on, specifically provided how one another was indeed children from Sakonji and you will users regarding water Respiration Design. Giyu themselves grows to help you worry enough for Tanjiro and Nezuko that the guy intends to to visit seppuku (ritual committing suicide) alongside their learn is Nezuko resort to food people. Tanjiro is but one just who allows Giyu to open and realize the guy has to step in to as the inheritor out-of citas trans water Hashira and perhaps not help his earlier in the day loss and you will feeling of inadequacy avoid him from recognizing so it. In some indicates, Tanjiro are their closest friend (apart from his late pal Sabito and you can, somewhat, fellow Hashira Shinobu Kocho).

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Initially, Tanjiro was furious that have Zenitsu since their very first find involved Zenitsu pestering a girl so you can get married him whenever she is actually clearly against they, forcing Tanjiro to treat the situation from the pull Zenitsu off her. Zenitsu was a student in assertion that girl didn’t eg him and instantly attributed Tanjiro to have his hit a brick wall suggestion, ultimately causing Tanjiro to adopt him when you look at the disgust. Despite this, Tanjiro knew you to definitely Zenitsu need started strong enough to successfully pass the final Selection hence the 2 can believe in for every single other during battles against effective Demons.

In the event Tanjiro might be frustrated by Zenitsu’s tantrums and you may womanizing conclusion, he cares to possess Zenitsu because the a good friend and that is really patient which have him. Zenitsu may be one to inform Tanjiro of city lives and you can sporadically explain something due to Tanjiro’s naivety. The guy cares to possess Tanjiro because a friend and you may admires their power and you will generosity. Zenitsu in addition to attempts to score Tanjiro to identify the chance out of becoming a future cousin-in-legislation, offered Zenitsu’s break towards Nezuko.

Inosuke Hashibira

1st, despite both being Demon Slayers and being into the a rigorous disease in order to kill a demon, Inosuke are as an alternative surprised by Tanjiro’s stamina and tries to strive him, not compassionate towards bigger picture. Even after the brand new Devil is beaten, Inosuke wouldn’t let up. Tanjiro are sometimes angry together with insistence with the a battle however, is extremely patient having your. Ironically, Tanjiro’s naivety and generosity allow it to be your to unwittingly affect Inosuke otherwise actually bother your. Despite this, Tanjiro manages to feel a confident impact on Inosuke as he convinces Inosuke first off playing with his head and you will consider through the competition. The 2 often and each other end up being unsuspecting regarding the town existence. Fundamentally, they go along of the same quality family relations and you will personal allies.