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We empower consolidators and wholesalers to hit their airline revenue targets and maximise their income from incentive contracts.

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Comprehensive Revenue Management System

Airline Metrics enabled one of our large customers to identify an additional USD 600,000 to USD 1,500,000 in income opportunities.

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Airline Metrics enabled one of our consolidator clients to garner a 15% margin on tactical flight sales.

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Auditing an Airline Contract using Airline Metrics resulted in the inclusion of an additional 70% of revenue by an airline.

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What Can We Do For You?

What Airline Metrics Can Do For You?

Why Airline Metrics?

Have you ever had a feeling of uneasiness over your sales performance numbers reported by an airline and never being able to disprove it?

Or the feeling of helplessness where they have all the data and you have to just accept what is being given to you?

 What about the frustration you felt where you could not demonstrate exactly how you were adding value to an airline and were unable to use it to your advantage during negotiations?

Would you like to be in complete control and move the dial back in your favor? In fact, we like to quote the National Account Manager for a very large airline telling us a couple of years ago, “It is absolutely unacceptable that we as principals cannot even access a fraction of the information that agents are being able to harness using Airline Metrics! The power base for contract negotiations has definitely swung back in favor of travel agents with this tool.”

Our customers no longer just accept any report that airlines provide. If your key airline partners walk in to see you with flown revenue reports which are 3 months old, just thank them and put those aside. Then present them with what is happening now in the market and what the future projection looks like with a breakdown of ticketed sales, forward revenue, RBD and cabin numbers, O&D breakdown, flight number analytics and every possible data point you can use to your advantage to maximise your profits and increase your sales.

To sum up what Airline Metrics does – we provide you a comprehensive solution to manage your airline sales and profits.

Airline Metrics
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