One or two clicks to gain insights – At all levels of an organisation 

Ian is the CCO of an international travel company and was frustrated by the lack of timely reporting that he required. The Finance and IT teams were excellent but as a ‘legacy agency’ they weren’t particularly well resourced or set up to provide the timely data that he and the...

Flight Number Analytics – Taking action based on facts

A major carrier increased capacity into the market with an additional three frequencies per week on a particular sector. Jack, who had a fairly successful retail agency, was looking at his Airline Metrics’ Flight Dashboards to ascertain how his business could benefit from this situation.

Auditing contract performance 

One of Eric’s major airline contracts showed numbers far below what he believed to be the case. The onus now seemed to lie with him to prove to the carrier that his agency had achieved the required flown revenue targets and that the agency should be remunerated as per their...

Increasing margins by managing carrier market-share

Based on his own sales reports, Aaron wasn’t sure why the recent increase in ticketed sales did not translate to increased margins. As the sales manager of a major consolidator with 200 sub-agents, he had to pinpoint the problem.

Negotiating contracts with offline carriers 

James is the GM for a large TMC. He was confident of achieving increased income from airlines without any increase in sales over the next few months. His income targets for the year would be cushioned with what he was about to do with four offline carriers. Each of the...

Taking control of incentive tier achievements

Trevor, the owner of this mid-sized travel agency had no idea how his agency was performing against airline targets, as he was relying on the carriers who report their flown revenue several months after the close of a period.