The Dashboard Module

A dynamic visual overview immediately makes this module an impactful tool for your business. Included are a range of powerful graphs, such as: Ticketed and flown revenues to compare performance year over year; Airline and segment views enabling you to view flown and plated carrier performance as well as your top selling origin and destination segments by either revenue or passenger numbers; Destination views providing both revenue and passenger views of sales and; Flight views, delivering intelligence on specific carrier flights sold.

Contract Module

This module makes managing complex airline incentive targets a breeze. Focus on live performance, so as to never miss your tiered target level. Upload all the detailed parameters, terms and conditions of your airline targets using the Contract Module Wizard to give you highly accurate updates on payout performance on identified sales criteria each week.

Revenue Metrics Module

Access detailed ticketed and flown revenue metrics down to cabin level by carrier, as well as by travel classes, fares and sectors, all updated on a weekly basis. Multiple filters including taxes and fuel surcharges make adding inclusions and exclusions very easy.

Transactional Reports Module

Extract information right down to the ticket and individual coupon level. With multiple fields from ticket numbers, to plated and flown carriers as well as fare, tax and commission details, this Module provides easy access to substantiate performance claims with airlines and to view transaction details for internal data reconciliation.

Destination Metrics Module

Benefit from a visual analysis of your total business by destination, zone, country and city with reports available in both revenue and passenger views. Manage carrier preferences, track tactical sales and pro-actively move carrier market share to various destinations.

Forecast Module

Manage budgets and targets pro-actively. This module takes into consideration complex ticketed to flown revenue relationships using historic data and enables you to forecast flown revenue based on estimated ticketed revenue. Undertake complex scenario and ‘what- if’ analyses to make decision making easier, including the ability to link a forecast to a Contract Module target.

NEW! Snapshot Analytics

Our internal business analyst team can produce monthly management reports for you by extracting all the key elements required to get a comprehensive overview of the performance of your agencies.

This includes loading your agency contracts in the contract module and building a monthly snapshot. It removes the need for an internal business analyst at your end and ensures a high quality analytical resource at a nominal fee for your business, so that you can focus on maximising margins

NEW! TripCube

TripCube takes O&D analysis even further by providing journey classification like Point-to-Point or Multi Sector information. In addition, this module flags each journey as One Way, Return, Open Jaw or Round The World. To ensure RBD or Cabin analysis at a ticket level the system provides not just that but also which is the predominant Marketed and Operated carrier for that ticket. This also enables tracking tactical incentives by passenger and revenue using all the above options. Reports are available in a summary format or at a granular transaction level.