Beat your competition using strategic insights on revenue and profit developed specifically for the airline industry!

Airline distribution teams use Airline Metrics to maximize their sales and margins across direct and indirect channels. These innovators leverage Airline Metrics’ unique ability to deliver forward revenue insights on RBDs, fares, O&D and network performance, flight number analytics and target achievement from a head office and regional POS market perspective.

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Comprehensive Sales and Distribution Management System

We enabled a large North American carrier to be profitable on a new route it launched on a highly competitive Asian sector in its first year, much faster than industry norm.

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We helped boost yields by more than 20% over previous year for a large Asian carrier on five of its highly competitive sectors.

Airline Metrics

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We enabled an airline to boost direct channel web sales from 8% to 15% over the previous year despite a static and competitive market.

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What Can We Do For You?

What Airline Metrics Can Do For You?

Why Airline Metrics?

Have you ever been in a situation where you spend a lot of time and effort launching marketing campaigns or giving away sales commissions and incentives – yet you never feel really sure what is working and what isn’t?

Your marketing and sales teams undoubtedly have a lot of business intelligence tools and a lot of data at their disposal. Too much data unfortunately! But data alone does not create value. Executives seek analytics to inform their strategic choices. Analytics shows you what to do or what not to do by providing clear insights like telling a story. And that is our point of difference at Airline Metrics. Our analytics solution is not just another generic business intelligence or reporting tool. Our solution is custom built for airlines to drive profitability in their sales and marketing campaigns strategically.

We understand the challenges of the airline business inside out. Which is why we developed algorithms that collate complex data into easy to use dashboards, reports and graphs that present information ranging from O&D and RBD analytics to forward revenue per flight number as well as the ability to trace the source – whether from your website or travel agency channels. All this with just one or two clicks. You do not need to add data processing analysts. In fact, we empower your existing analyst and sales teams to become master tacticians by providing them with a clear understanding of their market and daily feedback on which strategies are working and which are not without any ambiguity.

Our cloud-based approach plus airline industry experience means we can go live within just a few weeks with no IT project to run and no costly capital expenditure required. In fact, you don’t even need a project manager – it is that simple!

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