Airline Metrics specialises in providing business intelligence to the travel industry.

Whether you’re a travel agent with incentive targets, a company with a direct airline and TMC contracts, or an airline with multiple agency contracts, our innovative business intelligence solution will provide you with all the information you need. Ready to use reports, graphs and dashboards. Deep insights into channel distribution, sales and revenue performance. All with just one or two clicks.

No training required. No hours spent data processing and no IT skills required!
Easy to use cloud based solution

Easy to use cloud
based solution

Our solution is available 24/7 with fast updates. Access it on your PC or laptop or mobile devices from just about anywhere in the world. Simply login and focus on trends and information you need. Requires no investment in hardware or software.

Saves you time & money

Saves you time
& money

Real time projections reduce the amount of analysis and manual data required. We give you back the time to make crucial decisions that improve the bottom line, rather than spending time on chasing and manipulating data.

Powerful insights to transform your profits

Powerful insights to
transform your profits

High quality reports and graphs are generated through our range of ready-to-use Modules. These provide immediate visibility, insights and analytics on your ticketed revenue, flown revenue, class and cabin analysis, destination and sector reporting.

Number of Tickets Processed in 2018

Number of Sectors Processed in 2018

Total Value of Tickets (AUD) Processed in 2018


Find out for yourself just how easy and efficient our solution is with our no obligation trial with 3 months of data. Up to 5 users can try every feature. No credit card required!