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Case Studies

One of our recent success stories

Our solution empowered the corporate sales and account management team of a global carrier to generate additional revenue and set clear and measurable data points for corporate buyers and TMCs.

Steve the Corporate Sales Manager at a global airline was continuously coming up with challenges from TMCs and corporate clients about the accuracy and timeliness of reporting their numbers. It wasn’t that there were huge inaccuracies in the reports but the way the airline worked meant that they issued some indicative numbers garnered from different sources including PRISM and their internal revenue management system. These were then supplemented by final reports each quarter but were around two or three months behind. All this caused a lot of confusion among his customers both TMCs and large global corporates who were not able to clearly make sense of numbers coming from various sources including their own expense management system. Reconciling that with the TMCs reports and the airline numbers (both interim and final) meant there was no single reference point for the data, and it was an ongoing point of conflict during negotiations.

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