We boosted the reporting capabilities of a mid-sized airline within weeks to provide their sales and distribution teams with a “single source of truth” analytics solution.

The Problem:

Kirk the Head of Distribution and Sales of a mid-sized airline was having yet another session with his Sales Management Team where each member was presenting their sales reports and plans to achieve sales targets for the next period. The challenge was each of them was using a different data source to report on and project achievements. When all amounts were tallied there was a lot of confusion which systems were being referred to for various numbers. There were several reporting systems as well as tools like Power BI and even Excel used by different teams and data was sourced from a wide variety of sources ranging from Revenue Management to Website page hits. With such a diverse group the skill sets and resourcing also varied by location and market. To collate all of those was also a major hassle as Kirk had to consolidate these for reporting and managing targets with the CCO and the CEO. All in all too many systems created a much more diverse set of base data with no cohesion among what was used by whom.

The Solution:

Kirk decided to introduce Airline Metrics to the business. This meant that not only were they able to access historic data going back two years but the cloud based app allowed everyone from the CEO level down to an account manager to access ready made dashboards, reports and graphs. Various modules like Revenue Metrics for sales and forward flown revenue, destination and sector based reports as well as advanced RBD and flight sector reports were all available with just one or two clicks 24X7 to the team. They were able to also manage and proactively monitor and audit incentive contracts which helped each account manager have clear discussions and timely measurement for contract negotiations.

Single Source of Truth

The Result:

Kirk noticed a huge uptick in productivity of the team. Since all users started using the Airline Metrics system that became the single source of truth for everyone and became the basis for all management meetings and discussions regarding sales for the distribution team. As all dashboards, graphs and reports were available out of the box, it became easy for any user at any skill level to access the information they needed about their market. Advanced users started using the Pivot and TripCube module to build their own customised reports and the availability of sales and forward revenue numbers daily meant the teams were empowered to take course correction measures well in time improving the sales process.

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