Tap into the additional income that airline sales can generate for your business without the hassle of investing in a complex IT system!

Our Tour and Cruise customers drive high returns on air ticket sales by not just bundling air with their packages but also negotiating high margins on incentive-based deals with carriers and turning air revenue into a profit center.

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Comprehensive Revenue Management System

We helped boost margins on air sales by 5% and increased air revenue by 15%-20% year on year for one of our European Tour Operator customers.

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Selling premium flight cabins as inclusions within some of their packages boosted margins between five and seven percent for one of our European River Cruising customers.

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Rolling out Airline Metrics reduced huge reporting and system complexity for one of our global tour operators and created a “single source of truth” solution.

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What Can We Do For You?

What Airline Metrics Can Do For You?

Why Airline Metrics?

We understand that as a Tour Operator or Cruise business your focus is on the land or cruise components of your customer’s journey. The air component though secondary in terms of priorities however can build a very lucrative income stream as you already have significant sales volumes.

Airline Metrics has been built to provide your team with a stress free and relaxed approach to managing your entire air business. Airline Metrics is not just another reporting or data solution. We have built an easy cloud-based solution for you to take advantage of the competitive air market and drive favourable air deals for your customers.

We process all the data to provide you an out-of-the-box solution that has pre-built dashboards, reports and graphs with a detailed breakdown of ticketed sales, forward revenue, RBD and cabin numbers, O&D breakdown, flight number analytics and every possible data point you can use to your advantage to maximise your profits and increase your sales.

To sum up what Airline Metrics does – we provide you a comprehensive solution to manage your airline sales and profits.

Airline Metrics
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