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The confluence of two major trends over the past decade – cloud based computing and specialised industry software now dominate how businesses large and small adapt to the new world post pandemic. Both trends are entrenched globally as they bring with them huge benefits of lower costs as well as specialisation.

Airline Metrics was formed using the disruption brought on by these forces to forge an advantage for its customers in a multitude of ways. The foremost aim is to increase sales and margins for our customers by using insightful analytics. We use the term analytics and not data to because analytics is strategy. It shows you what should be done and at times what should not. Tactics emerge from strategy and that is the point of difference that Airline Metrics brings to your business.

The complexity of data sources from web, GDS and NDC bookings to settlements on ARC or BSP and the use of multiple accounting and PSS systems as well as complex reporting systems is a common sight in our industry. With such diverse data sets and in-house and external reporting tools it is no wonder that teams are drowning in data.

Our plug and play system requires no data processing at your end and no capital investment in any hardware or software. Pre-built dashboards, graphs and reports provide insights across the entire range of business from ticketed to forward and flown revenue, RBD and cabin analytics, Origin and Destination reporting as well as management of complex airline contracts and customer-based reporting. The visually rich system is extremely user friendly and can be used by anyone within the organization with self-paced training videos provided.

We processed over USD 13.2 Billion worth of air tickets in 2019. Our clients range from small, medium and large airlines to consolidators, OTAs, TMCs, Travel Buying Groups and Consortia, Tour Operators, retail travel agents and GSAs. Even during the pandemic we were supported by our wonderful customers across countries like Australia, USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong and many more who retained our services during the tough times as they continued to see the long term strategic value of our solution. No wonder our business won the prestigious CAPA Innovation Award back in 2018.

CAPA Award

We would love to work with you and introduce a new dynamic in your sales process.

Our solution will not only provide a consolidated view of air data for your business but also empower your team to increase their sales and margins.

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