Consolidate sales and revenue from all your business divisions into a single source of truth to easily manage complex elements of your air business!

We vest travel consortiums and groups with multiple divisions the ability to use a single analytics solution to not just manage their airline revenue targets but also maximise their income from complex local, regional and international incentive contracts.

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Comprehensive Revenue Management System

We setup consolidated reporting for a global travel agency group consisting of multiple divisions and a diverse set of domestic and international network agents which enabled them to negotiate better deals.

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Our single currency module consolidated air ticket sales and revenue from different countries into the head office reporting currency for a diverse multinational agency group.

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Our customer used coupon level audit to catch a major airline underreporting their incentive revenue to the tune of several million dollars!

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What Can We Do For You?

What Airline Metrics Can Do For You?

Why Airline Metrics?

Have you grappled with the complexity of not just collating data in a timely manner from your various divisions but also leveraging them to maximise your income from airline suppliers? How much effort does it need and what sort of resources are required to do this day in and day out?

If you want a stress free and relaxed approach to managing your entire air business then connect with us. Every airline has a sophisticated Revenue Management solution to maximise revenue and income. We therefore built Airline Metrics as a Travel Agency Revenue Management solution designed from the ground up to give you complete control and stack airline negotiations in your favour. In fact, we like to quote the National Account Manager for a very large airline telling us a couple of years ago, “It is absolutely unacceptable that we as principals cannot even access a fraction of the information that agents are being able to harness using Airline Metrics! The power base for contract negotiations has definitely swung back in favour of travel agents with this tool.”

Our customers no longer just accept any report that airlines provide. If your key airline partners walk in to see you with flown revenue reports which are 3 months old, just thank them and put those aside. Then present them with what is happening now in the market and what the future projection looks like with a breakdown of ticketed sales, forward revenue, RBD and cabin numbers, O&D breakdown, flight number analytics and every possible data point you can use to your advantage to maximise your profits and increase your sales.

To sum up what Airline Metrics does – we provide you a comprehensive solution to manage your airline sales and profits.

Airline Metrics
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