Optimise air spend and gain the upper hand in airline negotiations!

We empower travel managers with the ability to view complex air data in a powerful reporting deck to optimise air spend and bring transparency in negotiations with carriers.

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Optimise Air Travel Spend

We helped redefine a key measurement criteria to enable a company to take back negotiating power during contract discussions with market dominant airlines

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Implementing Airline Metrics brought in a high degree of transparency on ticket markups as well as the ability to audit compliance of travel policies related to negotiated fares for one of our large travel buyers

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We empowered one our corporate customers to identify and negotiate new airline contracts by providing reporting packs on air travel spend

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What Can Airline Metrics Do For You?

What Airline Metrics Can Do For You?

Why Airline Metrics?

The dramatic swings in the airline industry post pandemic has caught most companies off guard. Not only has demand outstripped supply in the most unimaginable manner, airfares have risen dramatically beyond belief. The impact on travel budgets after two years of being almost zero has caused havoc for travel managers in terms of budgets and negotiations. And these changes are yet to play through over the coming years as capacity increases to match demand both within domestic and international markets.

We completely understand the challenges facing companies. How do you optimise spend? What information do you need to grab back negotiating power from carriers while framing agreements? How easily and quickly are you able to avail metrics related to not just spend at a ticket level by carrier but also origin and destination analysis, cabin and booking class data and trends showing forward revenue to meet your budgets and targets? All this while relying on either your travel agent or airline partners for your data needs.

What happens when you have a RFP or tender out for a new TMC or travel agent? Or when you are renegotiating agreements with airlines? Are you able to easily retain and port information over so you have ongoing access to your travel data? How do you deal with the complexity of not just collating information in a timely manner but also leveraging them to maximise your savings from airline suppliers? How much effort does it need and what sort of resources are required to do this day in and day out?

If you want a stress free and relaxed approach to managing your entire air travel spend then connect with us. Every airline has a sophisticated Revenue Management solution to maximise revenue and income. We therefore built Airline Metrics as a corporate Revenue Management solution designed from the ground up to give you complete control and stack airline negotiations in your favour. In fact, we like to quote the National Account Manager for a very large airline telling us a couple of years ago, “It is absolutely unacceptable that we cannot even access a fraction of the information that customers are being able to harness using Airline Metrics!”

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