Strike the perfect balance between maximizing profits and creating value for your customers within your air business!

We empower TMCs to generate a high return on their airline ticket sales and at the same time enable them to deliver great value to their corporate customers by using advanced analytics.

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Comprehensive Revenue Management System

We empowered one our TMC clients to enable their corporate client to renegotiate a complex market share based airline contract resulting in a three-year term extension.

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We de risked the exposure on a very complex airline contract for one of our large North America based TMC.

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We boosted the reporting capabilities of a TMC within weeks to provide all levels of their business with advanced analytics to triple productivity.

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What Can Airline Metrics Do For You?

What Airline Metrics Can Do For You?

Why Airline Metrics?

Have you ever felt your customers expectations about their air travel spend point north and what your airline suppliers want from you and them point south?

We get the challenges that you as a TMC face from both parties while trying to also ensure your targets are achieved with your suppliers. To keep customers happy you need to provide them ongoing feedback on how efficiently they are spending the air budget and to keep the airlines on board you need to keep achieving their targets be it based on flown revenue or market share measurement.
To walk this tightrope do you have efficient tools at your fingertips? How empowered are your airline supplier relationship teams as well as your account managers? Do you feel in control of your discussions with forward looking statements on how you are tracking?

This is where Airline Metrics brings a huge point of difference to your process of managing both customer and airline relationships. Our cloud-based solution empowers your teams to have the upper hand in every negotiation. It is not just another reporting system which provides data. We have no doubt you have plenty of products doing that. Our solution takes data which are just facts and converts them to analytics which are strategic insights that tell you what to do or what not to do. Every team member therefore has clarity on how to steer the business because of such insights available with just one or two clicks. We also enable you to retain complete control of airline negotiations and create an advantage for future contract negotiations.

Airline Metrics provides you with advanced analytics on ticketed sales, forward revenue, RBD and cabin numbers, O&D breakdown, flight number analytics and every possible data point you can use to your advantage to maximise your profits and increase your sales.

To sum up what Airline Metrics does – we provide you a comprehensive Revenue Management solution to manage your airline sales and profits.

Airline Metrics
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