The Problem:

Steve is Corporate Sales Manager at a global airline and until recently dreaded the way he would have to trawl through thousands of rows of data to find information relating to his specific corporate clients.

The Solution:

Access to the Airline Metrics web app has made his corporate reporting a breeze. All he does is key-in the corporate ID in the Tour Code box of the Ticket Listing Report and all tickets for that client arrive in his email in a CSV file within minutes. Just a click or two to rearrange this data and he is ready for his meeting.


Steve’s customers have responded very positively to the detailed and timely reports that he can now present to them. He also found by using the Fares Report that some corporate clients were not utilising some of the better fares available to them. When he highlighted this, they changed their policy and saved money on airfares, which created additional goodwill with those clients and solidified their relationship.

In addition, Steve benefited from some great talking points at his internal and external review meetings, including the discussions with the appointed TMC. He could now highlight information on the client’s spend in a very timely manner, as well as suggest changes that the TMC might want to make when issuing fares on behalf of the client. This meant that the TMC itself improved its service with the client and the general 3-way relationship strengthened as a result.

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