The Problem:

As GM for a large, multi-market country, James required input from his sales teams regarding how they could structure their Agent’s discussions so that they could focus on the destinations the individual agent sold over different months.

The Solution:

By providing each Sales Manager with access to the Airline Metrics Business Intelligence tool, they could easily drill down to an Agency Chain level to review performance and prepare the data so that it could be easily shared.

Importantly, for tactical activity, the GM and his sales teams could also access passenger numbers and their associated flown revenues on specific campaigns that they ran with agents.


The Sales team was empowered by having access to accurate data so quickly and in such a user-friendly manner, immediately increasing their efficiency.

In addition, James found his communication with Revenue Management and Pricing colleagues at HQ also improved to the point where the tactical offers could be changed on a weekly basis to ensure all sales opportunities could be met.

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