Want a Strategic Plan to manage Airline Revenue post-COVID?

If you are ready to commit just USD 1,000 per month for 3 months, have a strong market position in the air travel business, and want to take advantage of the rebound in travel post-COVID, we have a comprehensive revenue management framework that you can introduce right now to accelerate your sales and profit recovery.

By implementing this framework, you will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities and problems in your current processes
  • Develop workflows to deal with them
  • Put in place actionable reporting systems
  • Align your sales channels to your airline suppliers to maximize sales and margin
  • Audit current airline contracts and reports
  • Renegotiate existing or new airline agreements with an unfair advantage

To achieve the above we work closely with your team on the following:

  • Analyse data from 2019 using that as the pre COVID baseline
  • Take a deep dive look at your airline agreements
  • Do a gap analysis of your data capabilities
  • Validate your existing reporting structure
  • Create an accountability matrix
  • Build a Revenue Management Framework
  • Set up a clear action plan to help you achieve your sales and incentive targets

If we are a good fit we can then we can discuss how we can grow your business with our Revenue Management Framework. If not, then the plan we create is yours to keep.

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